Elite provides a personalised and tailored solution to short-term insurance and personal risk management for people with sophisticated needs. As part of the Old Mutual Insure family, we’re backed by over 180 years of insurance experience.

We understand that you’ve worked hard to achieve your successes. Insuring your assets with a niche and specialised insurer shows wisdom, foresight, and a commitment to protect yourself, your family and your most valued and treasured possessions.

We know your time is a precious commodity, therefore we offer both fast and efficient service by our team of highly qualified professionals; within deadline, bringing you both value for money and complete confidence in asset protection.

Our pro-active personal risk management and risk transfer solutions include a face-to-face, full asset valuation service to ensure you are covered on an agreed value basis.

“180 Years of insurance experience”


We’re committed to providing you with comprehensive personalised insurance solutions that include:

Access to a comprehensive network of specialist services
  • This means we are able to put you in touch with reputable, industry-related experts across the fields of property, fine art and jewellery as well as collectable valuators, security advisers and motor vehicle repair professionals.
Insurance for fine arts and collectables
  • We provide specialist cover for your fine art or valuables. Cover is on an agreed value basis to ensure there are no surprises at claims stage. We cover eventualities such as an increase in value of the art piece following the death of the artist.
  • Our claims service for fine art and valuables is efficient and discreet, keeping in mind the unique needs of collectors.
Comprehensive travel insurance
  • We include travel insurance as an optional buy-up that covers family on private international trips as well as your business travel.
  • Our policy cover includes protection in the event of cancellation or curtailment of trips, medical emergencies, as well as delayed luggage. Lost luggage will be covered under the international asset extension of your home contents.
Bespoke motor insurance
  • At Elite we understand our clients have exceptional taste in the cars they drive. From exotic cars to vintage, we have the perfect cover benefits and reinsurance capacity to ensure these movable assets are fully protected.
  • We provide the most comprehensive insurance on the SA market, with flexible excess options at competitive premiums.
  • Boasting an innovative cover extension known as Trade-In protection cover, we offer protection for the insured against depreciation in the vehicle’s market value following a partial loss.
  • You will have the option to select your preferred repairer from a short list of 3, most suitable to the vehicle make.
  • In the event of the vehicle being written off, we will pay you the retail value or replace it with a brand-new vehicle if the car is less than 2 years old and there is one available.
  • Our clients can rest assured that the claims process for motor insurance is of the most sophisticated available, with access to a massive repair network, supported by highly trained and skilled motor claims professionals.



We cover your fine art and valuables that you wish to specify under your policy. Because you have world-wide cover for your contents, there is no need to specify items like your cellphone, laptop or camera.


We cover the buildings of your private home, including the difference if the cost of alternative accommodation for your tenant is higher than the rental amount in your lease agreement with the tenant.


It takes a lifetime of collecting and curating to make your house a home that’s representative of who you are. We know how you cherish everything that’s within those walls and that you may want to leave a legacy behind for your family.


You’re at a stage in your life where you want your car to reflect who you are; a true affirmation of your achievements. We cover your insured vehicle whether for domestic or business use.


We like to think of our insurance as innovative, forward-thinking and designed for a modern world. When it comes to your vintage car, we’ll look after it the same way you do – with care and the respect it deserves.


You play as hard as you work, rewarding yourself with everything you need to be fulfilled. Our watercraft insurance offers comprehensive cover for your boat, yacht or jetski – whether it’s on the water or not.